Vegetation Plot Archive

The Alaska Arctic Vegetation Archive (AAVA) is a prototype database for the Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA). The goal of the AVA is to unite and harmonize the vegetation data from the...


Map Archive

The Alaska Arctic Map Archive contains field-based geoecological maps and remote-sensing landcover maps that cover areas ranging from the circumpolar Arctic to 1-m2 vegetation plots. Most...

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Welcome to the Alaska Arctic Geoecological Atlas

The Alaska Arctic Geoecological Atlas is an important collection of vegetation plot data and geoecological maps from Arctic and near-Arctic Alaska. The AAGA Vegetation Plot Archive contains ground-based vegetation plot data, associated environmental data and related information from over 3,000 plots in Arctic and near-Arctic Alaska, as well as a few sites in the Canadian high Arctic.The AAGA Map Archive contains detailed geoecological map products at several scales and numerous themes, ranging from integrated terrain maps at relatively fine scales to raster-based map products derived from satellite data and digital elevation models.

The Alaska Arctic Geoecological Atlas can be explored in several ways: As individual data records in this open-source CKAN Data Catalog and through an ArcGIS Online Web Application.